Improving Return to Work Outcomes

As disability-related costs increase, workplaces struggle with re-integrating workers with disabilities. Return to Work (RTW) education simplifies this process by focusing on RTW as a Health & Safety issue that must respect the fundamental principles of human rights. This workshop utilizes researchbased RTW practices to equip participants with effective tools and strategies to facilitate successful work reintegration outcomes.

In this course participants will:

  • Identify how the duty to accommodate does not guarantee an outcome but requires a process.
  • Develop a process that performs an individual investigation of a worker with disabilities’ needs and characteristics.
  • Practice the development of creative solutions that lead to reasonable accommodation.
  • Learn the legal responsibilities of the employer, unions and workers in the accommodation process so that a collaborative approach can be adopted.
  • Explore the paradigm shift from managing disability to preventing work disability that integrates health & safety practices with return to work solutions to produce a new proactive approach to RTW that will result in lower human and financial costs.

Audience: OH&S Committee Members, Managers, Worker Representatives, Supervisors, anyone with RTW responsibilities.

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