Improving Committee Effectiveness

We’ve heard from many Joint OH&S Committee members about their successes and challenges. Participants will learn to evaluate their performance, as well as develop the tools, resources and strategies to build on their successes and tackle the tough OH&S issues at their workplaces.

Effective April 2017 provincial OH&S regulations require an annual evaluation to measure the effectiveness of your committee.

Participants will use the new WCB Evaluation Tool to identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness of their committees. If you completed an evaluation in the past year, please bring it to class.

In this course participants will:

  • Indicate key elements of an effective OH&S Committee;
  • Identify barriers facing an OH&S Committee and develop practical strategies and solutions to deal with them;
  • Understand group dynamics and stages of group development;
  • Practice how to solve issues and understand the dispute resolution process;
  • Learn how to assess OH&S Committee activities and create a written evaluation using an evaluation tool;
  • Learn how to develop short and long- term goals for the OH&S Committee and implement changes to improve health and safety.

Audience: OH&S Committee Members, Managers, Worker Representatives and Supervisors.

Prerequisite: Completion of the OH&S Part 1 course is required before taking this course.

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