Injured Workers Day

Every year on June 1st injured workers, their families, friends, labour unions and other progressive justice seeking groups gather around Canada to call for drastic changes to their Provinces and Territories Workers Compensation programs.  Although this is just one day of the year highlighted to bring attention to the trials and tribulations injured workers and their families face, their struggle is constant and story of injustice is all too common.web-memorial01-jennifergauthier_jpg_size_xxlarge_promo

This day of recognition for injured workers and their families found its inception in 1983 when on June 1st over 3000 marchers converged on the steps of the Ontario legislature to demand a voice for injured workers in the committee meetings being held to revamp the Ontario WCB system.  By sheer numbers their voices could not be ignored and the committee capitulated to let injured workers have their say.

In May of 2008 the Canadian Labour Congress adopted a resolution to proclaim June 1st “a Canada-wide day of action to intensify the struggle for justice for all injured workers”.[1]



The Golden Tree Monument to Farmworkers



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