Young Workers (Alive After 5)


Young workers are at the front of the line when it comes to workplace vulnerability. One-third of workplace injuries reported are from young workers.


The Alive After Five Young Worker Awareness Program of the BC Federation of Labour is an innovative initiative that seeks to make the province a healthier and safer place to live and work for all of us.

Since its inception in 2003, the Alive After Five program has directly spoken to over 150,000 high school students and employment centre participants.

The program has reached over 75 different communities throughout all the different geographical regions of the province. Through hard work and dedication the initiative is now growing exponentially in its capacity with the ultimate goal of reaching all young and new workers in the province.


The program’s entire funding comes from the support of WCB of BC. As such, Alive After Five is able to provide FREE occupational health and safety presentations to all interested high schools and employment programs in any and all geographical area of the province. The presentations are engaging and interactive for the participants. The program has over 50 skilled and  trained facilitators who provide dynamic and insightful information on vital subjects such as:

  • Hazard recognition
  • Knowing your Rights and Responsibilities in the workplace
  • How to properly report injuries
  • What protections are provided by the WCB Regulations

All of the Alive After Five presentation facilitators are young workers themselves; primarily between the ages of 21 and 30. These young facilitators share personal insights, humour and preparedness for what to expect once in the workplace. They deliver the presentations with a refreshingly new perspective and passion for protecting others from workplace injuries and illnesses.


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