Occupational Health & Safety Committee Part 1

This introductory or ‘fundamentals’ Occupational Health and Safety course will introduce new committee members to the basic principles of workplace health and safety. This course also serves as a great ‘back to basics’ course for those OH&S Committee members who desire refresher training.

In this course participants will:

  • Explain the purposes of the Act, Regulation, and OHS Guidelines;
  • Identify a worker’s basic rights in the workplace;
  • Explain worker protection in relation to prohibited action (section 47 of the Act);
  • Summarize the duties and functions of the joint committee;
  • Differentiate between the roles of the committee co-chairs and joint committee members;
  • Identify when an employer is required to consult with the joint committee;
  • Summarize educational requirements for joint committee members (section 41 of the Act and section 3.27 of the Regulation);
  • Explain the role of the joint committee in accident/incident investigations and inspections;
  • Apply the hierarchy of controls in hazard identification, assessment, and control;
  • Explain the purpose of a joint committee's terms of reference (rules of procedure);
  • Apply the policies and procedures outlined in the joint committee's terms of reference;
  • Differentiate between the roles of the committee co-chairs and joint committee members;
  • List the traits of an effective joint committee and explain the purpose of conducting an evaluation of the joint committee's effectiveness;
  • Conduct an individual needs assessment for the purposes of selecting training in accordance with section 41.

Note: This course meets the (provincial) mandatory minimum training requirements effective April 2017 for new joint committee members.

Audience: OH&S Committee Members, Managers and Worker Representatives.

*Federal OH&S Legislation specific version and Healthcare version available on request.

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