Workplaces Covered Under the Jurisdiction of the Federal Government in Canada

According to CCOHS: (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety)

The following workplaces are covered under the jurisdiction of the federal government in Canada:

The federal health and safety legislation is commonly referred to as Canada Labour Code Part II and regulations.  The Canada Labour Code also applies to employees of companies or sectors that operate across provincial or international borders. These businesses include:

  • airports;
  • banks;
  • canals;
  • exploration and development of petroleum on lands subject to federal jurisdiction;
  • ferries, tunnels and bridges;
  • grain elevators licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission, and certain feed mills and feed warehouses, flour mills and grain seed cleaning plants;
  • highway transport;
  • pipelines;
  • radio and television broadcasting and cable systems;
  • railways;
  • shipping and shipping services; and
  • telephone and telegraph systems.

Approximately 10% of the Canadian workforce falls under the OH&S jurisdiction of the federal government. The remaining 90% of Canadian workers fall under the legislation of the province or territory where they work.

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