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The goal of our training is to promote new evidence-based return to work principles and strategies designed to produce Return to Work outcomes that are effective, efficient, sustainable and provide therapeutic value to employees with disabilities.

Preventing work disability (Disability Prevention) is a new discipline that has been gaining momentum in workplaces around the world. It is a practice that seeks to improve successful RTW outcomes while simultaneously reducing work accident frequency. Disability prevention requires employer and union involvement, support and accountability. Both are key contributors in the process, participating actively as decision-makers, planners and coordinators of interventions and services.

It is important for both labour and management to understand the requirements of all applicable laws and fully appreciate evidence-based leading practices of RTW.

In this Course Participants will:

• Understand how the procedural aspect of the duty accommodate requires an individual investigation of a worker with disabilities’ needs and characteristics.

• Be provided practical strategies allowing them to develop creative solutions that will lead to reasonable accommodation.

• Explore the paradigm shift from managing disability to preventing work disability and how investment in Health & Safety Systems will result in a new proactive approach to RTW that will result in lower human and financial costs.

• Learn the legal responsibilities of the employer, unions and workers in the accommodation process so that a collaborative approach can be adopted which in turn will foster improved relations.

Who Should Attend?

H&S Committee members, Union/Worker Representatives, RTW Coordinators, Supervisors, Health Care Professionals, anyone with RTW responsibilities.


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